August 2013 Dividend Earnings

August offered slim pickings for my dividend investments.  Only one of my holdings paid out this month – the agricultural and construction equipment behemoth John Deere.

HoldingDividend/Shr# SharesDividend TotalReinvestedNew SharesAccount
DE$0.5130$15.30YES0.184ROTH IRA

While best known my most people for the deep green of their lawn and farm equipment, my chief interest in the firm is the green of the first cash dividend I received from them this month!  Due to automatic dividend reinvestment in my Merrill Edge account, this became an extra 1/6th of a share.

There is not much to say about a mere $15 income for the month – better than nothing perhaps?  I really hope some of the future purchases I build will have dividend payouts in August just to eliminate future recurrences of this dismal result.

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