Blue Chip Dividend History

Dividend history and growth information for your favorite blue chip stocks!

Johnson and Johnson – JNJ

Coca Cola – KO

Hershey – HSY

Tiffany & Co – TIF

Royal Dutch Shell – RDS

Philip Morris International – PM

Exxon Mobil – XOM

Proctor & Gamble – PG

Nestle – NSRGY

Diageo – DEO

General Electric – GE

December 2013 Dividend Earnings

My December 2013 dividend earnings are in. It has been a busy month!

HoldingDividend/Shr# SharesDividend TotalReinvestedNew SharesAccount
XOM$0.6330.215$19.04YES0.202ROTH IRA
INTC$0.225106.058$23.86YES1.010ROTH IRA
ADM$0.1975.395$14.33YES0.352ROTH IRA
MCD$0.8127$21.87YES0.2295Trad IRA
IBM$0.9514$13.31YES0.0752Trad IRA
CSX$0.15100.5681$15.09YES0.5413Trad IRA

I got my first full dividend for MCD, after the piecemeal purchases I made earlier this year. My Shell investment returned one last ‘funny’ dividend – I received $34.20 in cash, but immediately has $5.13 clawed back as a foreign dividend tax.  Hopefully this should be resolved next quarter now that my RDSA has been liquidated from my brokerage account and I have purchased RDSB in my Traditional IRA.

$159 of dividend income is not too bad.  Unfortunately January and February will not be as lucrative, my dividend paying investments in those months are rather sparse at this time.


November 2013 Dividend Earnings

Two dividend payouts came my way in November.  Clorox distributed the first payout since I established that position, so that this quarter I didn’t just have one position.  Feels good to not just have one entry in my table this month!

HoldingDividend/Shr# SharesDividend TotalReinvestedNew SharesAccount
CLX$0.7130$21.3YES0.2271Trad IRA
DE$0.5130.184$15.39YES0.186ROTH IRA

Income of $39 was a substantial improvement on my August figure of $15.



October 2013 Dividend Earnings

The totals are in for my Dividend earnings for October 2013.  I had three positions pay out this month, General Electric, Philip Morris International, and Coca Cola.

HoldingDividend/Shr# SharesDividend TotalReinvestedNew SharesAccount
GE$0.19110.842$21.06YES0.807ROTH IRA

The biggest news this month for my Portfolio was the PM dividend increase taking effect.  My payout went from the previous $0.86 per quarter up to $0.94 for a whopping extra $2 in dividends.  It may not sound like much, but I’ll take it!

Of the $65 income $44 was earned in my taxable brokerage account, while the other $21 is tax-free in my ROTH IRA. I’m slowly getting closer to my initial goal of averaging $100 a month.  Probably another $5000 worth of investments will push me pat that target.


September 2013 Dividend Earnings

It is time to document my earnings from my dividend stock portfolio for September 2013.  The way my portfolio has been chosen a lot of payouts dates happen to fall in September, so I have quite a few items to report.

HoldingDividend/Shr# SharesDividend TotalReinvestedNew SharesAccount
ADM$0.1975$14.25YES0.395ROTH IRA
XOM$0.6330$18.90YES0.215ROTH IRA
INTC$0.225105$23.63YES1.058ROTH IRA
CSX$0.15100$15YES0.5681Trad IRA
MCD$0.7710$7.70NO0Trad IRA

For several of my newer positions I received my first dividend payout ever. Intel, Shell, Clorox and McDonalds I purchased too late to received their earlier June 2013 payouts.  The ADM and Exxon payouts were a repeat of last quarter, but this time I had dividend reinvestment enabled as opposed to getting a cash deposit – so the money was invested in  fractions of additional shares.

McDonalds was an aberration this month.  I had several buys and sell of MCD while finalizing its position in my portfolio, the end result being I only received dividends on 10 shares and it was not reinvested.  This issue should be resolved now and I expect a full payment in December 3013.

I had a signficant issue with my investment with Royal Dutch Shell.  I was under the impression I would receive my dividends thru Shells’ Scrip program, where you are paid in shares – rather than in cash which needs to be reinvested into shares.  This is supposed to exempt you from paying a Foreign Dividend Tax.  Unfortunately this did not work out for me, I received $34.20 in dividends but then has $5.13 deducted for ‘Fgn Div Tax’.

I am going to monitor this issue if there is an easy way to get this back at tax time.  I may end up changing the location and type of Shell investment in the future to optimize the situation, but for now I I’m not too concerned – it is only $20 a year after all.

$108 of dividend income if my first triple digit month so far.  Here is  hoping it is the first of many!

August 2013 Dividend Earnings

August offered slim pickings for my dividend investments.  Only one of my holdings paid out this month – the agricultural and construction equipment behemoth John Deere.

HoldingDividend/Shr# SharesDividend TotalReinvestedNew SharesAccount
DE$0.5130$15.30YES0.184ROTH IRA

While best known my most people for the deep green of their lawn and farm equipment, my chief interest in the firm is the green of the first cash dividend I received from them this month!  Due to automatic dividend reinvestment in my Merrill Edge account, this became an extra 1/6th of a share.

There is not much to say about a mere $15 income for the month – better than nothing perhaps?  I really hope some of the future purchases I build will have dividend payouts in August just to eliminate future recurrences of this dismal result.